Welcome To Vancouver: Eat, Shop, Play, and Stay Like a Celebrity

October 20

If music is the lifeblood of Montreal, movie magic is fast becoming the pulse of Vancouver. Dubbed “Hollywood North,” British Columbia’s largest city is the go-to location for a growing number of Hollywood productions, including recent box-office winners Deadpool and the Fifty Shades franchise. The bonus: Hollywood stars have since become a fixture on the Vancouver scene. Keep your eyes peeled and you could be rewarded with a celebrity sighting...

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5 best-kept secrets in Hanoi’s cafe scene

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December 16 featured image_pan pacific hanoi cafes

Since the resurgence of these modern coffee shop reincarnations, cafe-hopping has become a common favourite pastime for many, especially travellers. Make the most out of your trip in the capital of Vietnam with the city’s best brews and eats. We’ve and sussed out the top spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are five cafes in Hanoi that made it as the cream of the crop. 1. Tadioto Cafe and...

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Our Top 5 Recommended Perth Restaurants

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October 8 Perth Skyline at Dusk

With a population of around two million people, Perth is the largest city in Western Australia. Nestled on the coast of the Indian Ocean, this vibrant hub of cultures from all over the world boasts a diverse dining scene that will leave you spoiled for choice, whether visiting for business or leisure. We have hand-picked five of our most recommended restaurants for travellers to savour during their stay at the...

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