Welcome To Vancouver: Eat, Shop, Play, and Stay Like a Celebrity

October 20

If music is the lifeblood of Montreal, movie magic is fast becoming the pulse of Vancouver. Dubbed “Hollywood North,” British Columbia’s largest city is the go-to location for a growing number of Hollywood productions, including recent box-office winners Deadpool and the Fifty Shades franchise. The bonus: Hollywood stars have since become a fixture on the Vancouver scene. Keep your eyes peeled and you could be rewarded with a celebrity sighting...

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8 best late-night hangouts in Singapore

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October 8 Ce La Vi Singapore

From glamourous rooftop bars to tucked away traditional comfort food, there are plenty of delicious options for a late-night bite in Singapore. There’s so much to do in Singapore that staying out late is par for the course when you visit. And when you need one last bite to eat before you call it a night, the city doesn’t disappoint either. When it comes to late-night cravings, there are plenty...

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