Welcome To Singapore: 5 Things To Do On Business Travel

April 7 singapore-skyline-night

Take some time out of your packed business travel schedule to visit these quintessentially Singaporean places of interest. Here are some refreshing experiences to turn a work visit into your own Singapore holiday. Experience breakfast Singapore-style upon arrival Indulge in delicious Singaporean kopi (coffee), soft-boiled eggs, and kaya (coconut jam) toast any time of the day upon landing in Changi Airport. Old Town White Coffee at Terminal 3, 1983 Cafe...

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5 best-kept secrets in Hanoi’s cafe scene

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December 16 featured image_pan pacific hanoi cafes

Since the resurgence of these modern coffee shop reincarnations, cafe-hopping has become a common favourite pastime for many, especially travellers. Make the most out of your trip in the capital of Vietnam with the city’s best brews and eats. We’ve and sussed out the top spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here are five cafes in Hanoi that made it as the cream of the crop. 1. Tadioto Cafe and...

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