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13 Amazing Facts about the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix

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August 13 Singapore Marina Bay Night

Most people know quite a bit about the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix which is just around the corner, but there is so much more to these races than meets the eye. For example, did you know that the pit stop crew has to carry out refueling, tyre changes, repairs and mechanical adjustments all under an impressive three seconds? Impress your friends with these 13 little-known fun facts and be...

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Spot Your Favourite Fireworks!

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July 31 Singapore National Day Fireworks

Taking place every year on 9 August, the National Day of Singapore is one of the most important holidays in the Singaporean calendar. And this year, as the nation marks her 50 years of independence, the spectacular celebrations have reached fever pitch. Here in Singapore, that only means one thing – bigger, better and brighter fireworks than ever before! Thousands of fireworks lit up the skies during the National Day celebrations, with...

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7 Landmarks you need to see in Suzhou

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June 12 Suzhou

Suzhou is one of the fastest growing major cities in the world and one of the most highly developed and prosperous cities in China. Dubbed ‘The Venice of the East’, it is also one of the country’s top tourist destinations. Discover the delights of Suzhou with our introduction to the city’s top beauty spots, including the canal network, ancient bridges and UNESCO World Heritage-listed classical gardens; a must-see escape in...

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Favourite Local Eats by Pan Pacific Hotels’ Front Office Managers

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May 29 Favourite Local Eats by Pan Pacific Hotels’ Front Office Managers

Our hotel guests often rely on food guides to know where the top dishes and restaurants in town are located, but the best options usually come from word of mouth recommendations. So we reached out to the food enthusiasts in our front office teams who generously shared with us their local favourite dishes. You just might spot them there after their shifts! Traditional fish and chips at Cicerello’s in Fremantle,...

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