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June 19 Pacific Cocktail from Pan Pacific hotels and resorts

The handcrafted cocktail is regaining popularity as today’s travellers seek new and genuine experiences which are unique to the destination. To surprise and delight our guests, we held a cocktail competition and challenged our bartenders to put their mixology skills – and creativity – to the test, and give old favourites a twist using the diverse ingredients of the Pacific!

Behind-the-scenes of our winning cocktails

The most delicious and innovative creations emerged as winners of the competition, and here we present seven new creations set to become classics on the bar menu of Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts.

Cocktails which capture the flavours and scents of the Pacific Coast

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Drawing upon the rich local cultures and fresh produce of the Pacific Coast, “Pacific Blossom”, “Pacific Dot”, “Chinapolitan”, “Pacific Colour”, “Tropical Island”, “Pacific Touch” and “Pacific Coffee” each captures the smorgasbord of flavours from the Pacific Coast – from the delectable sweetness of tropical mango, the rich aroma of coffee, to the grassy scent of pandan leaf, which happens to go incredibly well with the freshness of young coconut in the most unique and delicious manner.

Those who enjoy fruity cocktails will appreciate “Pacific Blossom”, which is a refreshing blend of berries, lime juice, Sauvignon Blanc, club soda and mint leaves, inspired by spring but perfectly suited for summer as well.

Cocktails for the traditionalists and the adventurous

Pan Pacific hotels and resorts Pacific cocktail
The exotic “Pacific Dot” with its concoction of mango, pandan leaf, lemon grass and star anise

Reminiscent of sun-drenched summers, “Tropical Island” and “Pacific Colour” are delightful reinterpretations of classics that are made with pineapple juice accompanied with peach schnapps or blue curacao for that tropical zing.

For the more adventurous, “Pacific Dot” will satisfy curious tastebuds with its exotic combination of Tanqueray no.10, St Germain elderflower liquor, chamomile tea ice and infused sugar made of mango, pandan leaf, lemongrass and star anise!

Watch our talented bartenders’ deft hands shake up the Pacific here:

These winning cocktails are now available on the bar menus of all the Pan Pacific hotels and are denoted by a lime icon alongside the cocktail listing.

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