6 reasons to pack your bags for Vancouver

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December 13 vancouver-featured

Besides being home to arguably one of the world’s most progressive prime minister, kindest people and cleanest air in the world, Canada is also home to the world’s most liveable cities, one of which is Vancouver. Here are seven things you’ll find in this part of British Columbia that will have you clearing your calendar for an extended stay.

1. These multi-coloured floating houses are what dreams are made of

floating homes vancouver
Image: Lara Farhadi

Brightening up the waterfront are rows and rows of the city’s best floating homes. A platform through which the locals express their individuality, these singular houseboats come in all shapes and sizes, sporting every shade of the rainbow, and serve as giant canvases for Vancouver’s creative, free-spirited residents.

2. Futuristic gems populate the waters as well

Telus World of Science Vancouver
Image: Jerry Meaden

It’s like the stars have descended from the sky, and clustered themselves into an iridescent ball of light, resting atop a structure on a river like an alien mothership. You’re looking at the geodesic dome of Science World at Telus World of Science, designed by architect Bruno Freschi with a total of 391 lights and 766 triangles.

3. Explore Vancouver’s 240 city parks 

stanley park vancouver
Image: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène

Spanning more than 1,000 acres, and containing an upwards of 500,000 trees, Stanley Park is the biggest public recreational area in Vancouver. The city has even carved out a roadmap to becoming the greenest city on Earth by 2020, with the overall land mass already with approximately 11% covered with its 240 parks and gardens. Combine that with the close proximity to Whistler, the city is ideal for nature lovers of the great Canadian outdoors.

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4. Spot amazing architecture downtown 

Image: Kristopher Grunert

Dotted around the city, one cannot help but admire the numerous architectural marvels including Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC), located right beside Canada Place where you will find our very own Pan Pacific Vancouver. Part of the city’s greened waterfront, VCC is designed to be ecologically productive by providing rough concrete surfaces for marine life at multiple habitat depths, characteristic of local shoreline ecology, benefiting a diverse range of native marine species that thrive in these spaces. Construction of the convention centre also makes use of sustainable materials, using efficient lighting systems and on-site water treatment systems that have resulted in significantly low environment impact as opposed to comparable convention venues.

5. Vancouver’s alleys are never dark with these vibrant graffiti

Downtown Vancouver Grafity
Image: Poi Photography

You will be hard-pressed to find a vacant wall, especially in Downtown Vancouver, where local street artists like to linger and decorate them with intricate street art. Considered to have originated from graffiti maestro and activist – Banksy, this urban culture has imbued the streets with new life. As you stroll and meander through various pathways, you might even spot a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.

6. And finally, this stunning view will follow you wherever you go

perpetual view
Image: Ruth Hartnup

The perpetual panorama of the skyline – a stunning marriage of man and nature, where mountains and skyscrapers meet – is one that only Vancouver can offer. With the magnificent North Shore Mountain range located at such close proximity to the city, getting quality morning hikes every day has never been easier.

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Featured image: Kenny Louie

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