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Home to a bounty of exotic ingredients, Bangladesh is a paradise for any traveller looking to indulge their taste buds. With distinct flavours and techniques hailing from each individual region of the country, there is no better place to get a taste of it all than in the nation’s capital.

Whether you are in Dhaka for business or leisure, you can delight in the simple pleasures of Bangladeshi cuisine. Savour your time in this vibrant city and eat like a local with our guide to Dhaka’s must-try dishes.


A staple on Dhaka’s menus come breakfast, lunch or dinner, this simple lentil dish is served alongside nearly every meal, making it an easy delicacy to tick off your list. Equally delicious in the morning with a milk tea as it is in the evening with a fiery curry, this essential Bengali side dish underpins the country’s culinary tradition.



A flavourful and aromatic dish made of rice, meat and vegetables, Bangladesh has become synonymous with its legendary biryanis. Featuring prominently on the menu of most Dhaka dining establishments, this versatile meal can be tailor-made to suit your tastes, with delicious options like chicken, mutton, beef and seafood available at most venues.


A popular local dessert made from pulled dough and chenna – a light and creamy milk product akin to cottage cheese – these doughnut-like sweets are soaked in a rich sugar syrup before serving, resulting in their trademark soft and spongy texture.



Made by combining mashed vegetables or fish with mustard oil, garlic and chilli, these hand-blended pastes are one of the country’s most-loved comfort foods. A dish with endless possibilities, must-try versions include alu bhorta – a classic variety made with boiled and blended potatoes – and begun bhorta – a flavour-packed version made from roasted eggplant and red chillies.


In abundant supply amongst the network of rivers that weave through Bangladesh, Bhetki – otherwise known as barramundi – is Dhaka’s most coveted delicacy. Reserved for special occasions such as weddings and national holidays, this delicate, white-fleshed fish is accented by a fragrant yellow mustard paste and served steamed in a banana leaf.


Mishti Doi

A sweet yogurt dish made from milk and caramelised sugar, Mishti Doi is one of Dhaka’s most popular desserts. A favourite after-dinner treat amongst locals and travellers alike, this rich, custard-like delicacy is readily available in sweet shops around the city.


The perfect complement to the intense heat of Dhaka’s climate and cuisine, this refreshing mint yoghurt drink is typically paired with biryanis and other rice dishes. Sometimes referred to as a salted mint lassi, this unique Bengali beverage often appears as a complementary addition to meals in Dhaka, though it is well worth a taste in its own right.


Image by: Johan Bichel Lindegaard, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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